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Now that I’ve gathered you all here today.

The last day or so there has been a huge stink on the PlayStation4 subreddit (and their native boards, I can only imagine) about whether or not the recently revealed (leaked?) Watch_Dogs footage is running on a Ps4/Xone or a Ps3/360. Back in 2013, Watch_Dogs wowed us with some great visual flair and now apparently the game looks like crap. Now that’s just what everyone is saying, because this video shows us the different stages of the game in development and the 2014 footage clearly doesn’t hold a candle to what we have come to expect. Yes, the videos shown have different weather and time of day, but you can still notice striking differences, weather be damned. In the 2014 video, Aiden’s face and coat seem like they’ve lost a layer of texture. Or grime. Something like that, but then again it could just be at an earlier part of the game where he hasn’t fucked around too much. Still, the shadows of the AI seem to be a bit washed out, and the ground textures seem a tad muted. Granted we’ve really only gotten this one GOOD glimpse at the game when there was little going on.

See, the 2012 and 2013 videos of the game were likely running on a high-end pc, with the end result to give the impression that “This is how its gonna look on the next-gen systems guys!!”

I guess I’m kinda just randomly ranting, trying to make the time pass at work, so there’s likely to be incomplete thoughts everywhere, also guaranteed in future posts.

Anyways. People are up in arms and at Ubisofts throat because they feel like they’ve been lied to. Luckily in this day of advanced communication, fans have reached out to the people playing the 2014 footage and the developers. According to the Creative Director, Watch_Dogs on Ps4 is going to look like the 2013 video. According to the people who played the version that the 2014 video was gathered from it was already running on a Ps4 and looked the way it did. So we have to take both of these with a grain of salt until someone lands a retail copy of it, or Ubi comes out and shows another gameplay demo, which is unlikely as the game is only a few months away. Couldn’t hurt though, Ubi. You’d alleviate a lot of doubt, both in the game and the company.